Children’s Wild Play Area, Brookburn Primary School, Chorlton.

“I cannot tell you how satisfying it has been to work on this project, thank you so very much for all your help. I really enjoyed the time that I have put in on the days at work with you … The kids are really enjoying it.”

– Firouz Thompson, Co-chair of Brookburn PTA

Working with Pathways Consultancy and the Brookburn Primary School PTA to create ‘BrookDen’: a new Wild Play area that will be available to this and other schools in the area.  I led a variety of enthusiastic volunteers including: parents; school children; members of the local community; and staff from MCC Southern Cemetary. Over three months we cleared the area of waste and rubble; installed an extensive network of wood-chip paths and steps, post and rail fencing, two sandpits, a mud kitchen, bird boxes, bird table, a dry stream bed with bridges; and planted a mixed native edible hedge and fruiting trees and shrubs. Volunteers also worked with a professional willow weaver, Joe Gregory, to create living willow structures and decor.


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7 thoughts on “BrookDen

  1. These photos really tell the story! A team of parent and local community volunteers, led by you, has resulted in this neglected area of woodland being transformed into an area of adventurous and creative play! We are thrilled with the result!

    • Thanks Janet! It makes me very happy to know that everyone is so pleased with the results of our efforts. It adds a whole extra dimension of satisfaction to the work that I do. Thanks to Brookburn Primary School, Firouz and the rest of the PTA, and to May and Jane from Pathways for making me a part of the project 🙂

  2. I snuck in tonight for a peep, it is AMAZING! I can’t believe the transformation since I volunteered on valentines day and it was full of mud, weeds and rubbish! My kids have been very excited about using it, my son apparently hid so well under leaves that no one could find him! We are so so lucky to have such a great space and it will be enjoyed by children for years to come. Thanks a million to everyone who has been involved. Ellis family

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